Thursday, November 8, 2012

Was 9/11 Tragedy foretold on US paper currency?

This post is in response to an interesting post by made by the good people at on their facebook site.

Here is theTrueReality photo:

I had seesn the $20 bill trick, but not the other bills. Very interesting. Very chilling.

I knew that there were larger, presently uncirculated denominations of money, and I wondered what they would offer if we tried the same folding trick on them. It wasn't easy to find images of the reverse side of these old bills. There may be other versions or prints, so if anyone has images they'd like to share, please let me know.

$5-100 are pretty straight forward and obviously look like the towers falling.  I do think it is interesting that the smoke on the $100 is helix shaped. After that, the symbolism could be accused of being a "stretch." I have limited knowledge of esoteric symbolism, and I highly encourage everyone to do their own research.

Some say there is a grand plan by the Illuminati bloodlines to gain complete control of the US and World to establish a New World Order. These bloodlines have maintained "relative" secrecy throughout history, and have manipulated the masses into believing the Bible is fairy tales and it is to their benefit to keep humanity's true origins and true purpose, secret. Many secret societies fall under the umbrella of these bloodlines, and if you want more details, again do your own research. But relevant to this topic, the Bush's are visible big players in this scheme, and it is blatantly no surprise 9/11 happened under Bush's watch. The Truth about these families is coming out.

I would be very interested in interpretations by someone knowledgeable about the scheme and symbolism, but basically I gather, the attack on the World Trade Center was the catalyst, perhaps the REAL Manhattan Project, and that it was to instigate the war or terrorism, never ending money pit of death to bankrupt America and lead the world to submit to the New World Order. It is no secret that the Bush family have been key visible players in this game. So obvious this would be allowed to happen under a Bush's watch. It has been planned for decades.

  1. You fold the dollars into AIRPLANES.
  2. By folding, the words left visible are "The United America". The "States" have been eliminated, another goal of the New World Order, eliminating States Rights and Borders.
  3. United Airlines were used to carry out the attacks. 
  4. United American Lines was a shipping Co. founded by William Averell Harriman, a WWII War Criminal associated with Prescott Bush, but his Wikipedia leaves that out. (  a KingPin player in the Illuminati and if you want to look further, just look at his club memberships. Just a FRACTION of his impressive resume. All of these associations are SMOKING GUNS and if you don't know about them, do the research: Member, American Academy of Diplomacy Charter, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Knights of Pythias, Skull and Bones Society, Psi Upsilon Fraternity and the Jupiter Island Club. Co-founded Today magazine with Vincent Astor****, 1935-37 (merged with Newsweek in 1937)  

The Serpent and the Phoenix

Two very prominent symbols of Illuminati are the Serpent and the Phoenix. The Serpent represents wisdom, Brotherhood of the Snake, and two snakes intertwined represent the DNA double helix.

So the smaller denominations, $5-$100 show the attack. Then it gets more symbolic. Again, two very prominent symbols of Illuminati are the Serpent and the Phoenix.

The $500 is a double helix or the two serpents, contained in the oval.

In the $1000, the serpents are loosed and facing away from each other, superimposed on the US dollar. On the left we see the World Trade Center in rubble, as in this photo:

To the right is a Powerful and prevalent symbol of the Illuminati, The Phoenix. The Eagle is really the Phoenix, and we see it literally rising from the ashes and rubble. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth after being destroyed by fire to rise from the ashes. To the Illuminati, the Phoenix symbolizes Lucifer. So America will be destroyed, then rise again from the flames. And furthermore, the Serpent will be loosed.

I am not certain what the $5000 bill is...but it seems the box at the top is more prominent. The US money has been zeroed out---is worthless? This is another goal of the NWO. Collapse the US economy to establish one world currency.

Then the final, the $100,000 bill looks like the double helix has been split and the two snakes are separate and rising, but now facing each other, no longer at odds? with a burst of energy and power emanating from the two mirrored serpents. The red tint is the real, original color on the bill, and they are illegal to own, so the red could represent fire and blood sacrifice.

If you are interested in more, here's a basic overview of the Illuminati and has Biblical reference. I randomly found it today, but it is in line with other information I'm getting. This is an interesting article, written while GWBush was still President. I am not sure if 9/11 had happened yet, because the event is not mentioned, and I would think it would be included if it had happened: The Serpent and the Illuminati  After that is read, you may want to watch some of the YouTube videos Legend of Atlantis. Various versions. The one I initially watched has been blocked. But basically we have two Illuminati blood lines, as Sherry Shriner suggests, both Illuminati, at war with each other, for all of human history.

The All Seeing EYE

One of the more common and most famous symbols of the Illuminati. Check out this ceremony at Ground Zero:

Illuminati Ritual at Ground Zero 911 YouTube